Thursday, October 30, 2003

It was an offer for several free issues of Time magazine. It's easy to catch my attention when something like that is proffered. Free reading material? About current events? And, yes, the glossy pages are fun.
I'd been reading a goodly deal of Bernard Goldberg and Ann Coulter recently, so I thought this would be a great venue to test out the points in their book. Are magazines like this really biased, or were Coulter & Goldberg merrily quoting out of context and ignoring a bulk of even handed journalism?

After a bit in Nov. 3's issue I think I'm fairly close to my answer.

Consider: "Antiabortion forces celebrated a victory last week when Congress passed a bill barring so-called partial-birth abortion."
So-called? If partial-birth is not really a good description, then let us go further into the article to discover a better definition:
"...abortions after partial delivery of the fetus."

I admit to being a bit flummoxed by the disparities between these two. Some how I have always been under the impression that in cases like this delivery is birth. After Time has enlightened me, though, I now realise that it is only a birth if you have decided that you want the fetus, then said fetus becomes a baby.
Just like that.

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